We Live, Breathe & Invest In Early Stage Fintech Startups.

We don't invest in co-working space, scooters, plant based meat or VR... we're laser focused on investing in category defining fintech startups.

If you're an early stage fintech startup building the future of finance reach out


We believe that the financial services industry is undergoing a massive structural change.

We're here to back founding teams looking to redefine how the industry operates.

The 'perfect storm' ↗ for fintech is here and we're all about backing the change makers. At SideFund we partner with teams building the next wave of innovation in financial services. Once we're in, we stand side-by-side with our companies to help them on their path to building category defining fintech companies.

Our Thesis

We're a thematic seed stage fund focused on fintech companies powering the next wave of innovation in finance. We love ambitious teams who are focused on helping to 'stitch the financial world together'. Tell me more ↗

Our Portfolio


About Us

We're a thematic fund focused on fintech companies powering the next wave of innovation in finance. We love ambitious teams who are focused on helping to 'stitch the financial world together'.

We're maniacally focused on being the firm of choice for founding teams building fintech startups. We're not all things to everyone, we're here to be serve the fintech ecosystem and invest in the most promising startups. We don't mind a warm intro, but we equally love a well crafted cold email - so don't be afraid to hit us up. You can contact us via email HERE ↗

Our Beliefs

Our investing is driven by our view of the fintech landscape. We have beliefs (loosely held) about what is driving the evolution of financial services. But we are Baysians - so expect us to update our views when we receive new data.

Fintech Is Everywhere

Fintech is being embedded into every element of commerce. From the the Uber you took to get to work to the member management software your local gym uses, fintech is everywhere and is only becoming more ubiquitous.

Stitching the Financial Fabric Together

We believe anyone building financial services products (startups & incumbents alike) want to build at 'internet speed'. The thing that usually holds them back is interfacing with legacy financial services infrastructure.

Companies who can 'stitch the financial fabric' of these two worlds together will be the ones who drive the most change in the industry.

It's Going To Get Personal

The financial services industry has historically taken a 'one size fit all' approach to the way it operates. We believe this will radically change with products personalised for every person and their circumstances - banks for nurses and lenders for tradies. It's going to get really personal.

We ❤️ Building Tools.

Just like our founders, we're builders at heart. We love building tools that the ecosystem finds useful. Enjoy and feel free to share them with your peeps.

🧰 Tools

SideFund Radar ↗

Looking for your next gig? We've gone and aggregated up all the best roles in fintech across Australia. If you're looking for job in fintech you find it here.

SideFund Jobs Board ↗

This is our open database of Aussie fintech startups. If you're looking for a startup you'll find it here.

🧠 Thoughts

Blog ↗

This is where we record our thoughts on the fintech industry. Enjoy and if you like the cut of jib, feel free to steal our ideas.

Operating Manual ↗

We believe in being radically open about how we see the world and how we operate. This was our thinking behind opening up the SideFund operating manual. It's a work in progress so check back regularly.